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Today (13 oct. 2014) I added a header image to my blog.

Scoring games (2nd of February, 2015)

I’ve had some thinking about adding a rating system to my blog. A while back I thought it was most important, I could in an instant give out broken numbers depending on the game, 9.6, 8.7, and so on.

There were people advocating against it, I saw them as limiting themselves because there should be a big difference between a 9.6 and a 9.9. So just name them hipsters trying to be simple because they can’t be deep.

After a long while I grew fond of simpler methods of rating, 8.0,8.5,9.0 seemed okay. If acceptable, what about 5, 6, 7? Better in terms of giving the actual text more power over numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think numbers are important, I certainly don’t fall in the category of “power to text, and only text”, the big number represents what you thought, how you’d rank based on past experiences you’ve had with other forms of that media, in this case, games. If I hand out a 7 it means the game is good, it’s averagely good perhaps. If I hand out a 10, I’m basically saying this game is special, sometimes you’d need thousands of words to actually portray that properly. Look, you can do it with a simple number then.

The downside of this is when people tend to give the number a power of its own. If that was the case a big number would contain all the information you needed, no need to spend time describing anything, giving voice to your experience; everything narrowed down to a simplistic yet powerful number.

I’m extreme so I don’t even think that’s such a bad idea, you’d still get the message wouldn’t you? Anyone knows the difference of giving a 5 instead of a 9. Both carry their own weigh, their own message. This message, mind you, might be stronger than we could have initially thought to be.

I’m thinking about adding the scoring system to my blog, should it be broken numbers? round numbers? 1-to-5 stars? Thumbs-up, thumbs-down? I don’t know. Based on what I now think of it it probably should be simpler, a 5 degree system might do the trick. Perhaps I’m feeling wild and a 10 degree would fit better to showcase a little more diversity.

Questions… questions…


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